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Issue 01, July 2011


This is the first Newsletter from the Aquatic Animal Health group of the ASEM Aquaculture Platform . The objective is to improve communications between professionals in Europe and Asia with an interest in aquatic animal health issues and management with the longer term goal of increasing collaborations and joint initiatives. 

A Steering Group has been formed to guide the activities of the platform and provide high level links between many of the existing organisations and networks relevant to aquatic animal health management. This for instance involves experts from the Fish Health Section of the Asian Fisheries Society, NACA, The European Association of Fish Pathologists, FAO and several academic organisations.  The steering group are initiating some collaborative activities, initially to help with the sharing of clinical case definitions and standardisation of nomenclature in aquatic animal disease diagnostics.

A web site has been established to provide further information about the project and to make available shared resources. This currently includes a calendar of future events, a filestore of useful documents, links to academic journal tables of contents and other live information sources, and updates about the project. Work has also started on providing links to organisations funding research in aquatic animal health, and a database of aquatic animal health organisations.


Join our Expert Group....

All professionals with an interest in aquatic animal health in Europe or Asia are invited to join our Expert Group to help build stronger networks and promote collaboration and information exchange. Members of the Expert Group are expected to share their own knowledge as well as benefit from the knowledge and experience of others. At present you are invited to join up via the " Join our Expert Group " link on our website. Please also join our e-mail discussion group hosted by Yahoo Groups -
. We will be inviting you to collaborate in various data sharing projects. Our first task is a better inventory of organisations active in the field. Members of the Expert Group will also receive regular copies of this newsletter and other project notifications.  


OIE Global Conference on Aquatic Animal Health

Held in Panama from 28 to 30 June 2011, this conference served to underpin efforts of the OIE and its partners in promoting early detection and rapid response to aquatic animal disease outbreaks, including the role and responsibilities of the public and private sector, including farmers, veterinarians and other stakeholders. Participating speakers represented national Veterinary Services and other Competent Authorities, international organizations, as well as independent aquatic animal health experts and scientists. The event was successful in addressing a series of related key issues:

  • raise awareness of OIE standards on disease control methods, surveillance, diagnostic tests and how to ensure sanitary safety of international trade in live aquatic animals and their products, through certification under governmental responsibility;
  • raise awareness of OIE standards and recommendations on the use of veterinary products, including antimicrobial drugs, in aquatic animals;
  • raise awareness of the need to improve the education of veterinarians and other aquatic animal health professionals on aquatic animal health, including disease surveillance, control and reporting;
  • brainstorm on the challenges and the tools needed to reinforce good governance in the aquatic animal production sector.

Dr CV 

Dr CV Mohan
The workshop was attended by veterinary and aquatic animal health delegates from over 150 countries from Asia, North and South America, Europe, Africa and Australia.  A 20 minute presentation on "Regional Issues-Asia Pacific" was made by Dr CV Mohan of NACA. The global event provided a very good opportunity to showcase the aquatic animal health work of NACA and its partners and highlight the role of regional organizations in supporting compliance to OIE standards. The opportunity was also used to describe the objectives and proposed activities of WP5 under the EU-ASEM project  and the brochure of WP5 was distributed to many of the interested. 
Further information about the event is available from 


Latest OIE Alerts

The following aquatic animal disease alerts were published during June 2011 by OIE via the World Animal Health Information Database (WAHID) -

  • 28/06/2011: Ostreid herpesvirus 1, Netherlands
  • 24/06/2011: Infection with Perkinsus olseni, Vietnam
  • 24/06/2011: Koi herpesvirus disease, France
  • 14/06/2011: Spring viraemia of carp, United Kingdom


Looking ahead

The project will be promoted with opportunities to discuss activities and collaborative actions at the meeting of the European Association of Fish Pathologists in September, The European Aquaculture Society Meeting in October and the Asian Fisheries Society meeting in November (see links above right). Please look out for us there!


Events Diary

5-8 July 2011, Cairns, Australia
Australasian Scientific Conference on Aquatic Animal Health

7 August 2011, Halifax, Canada
OECD Symposium on diseases in aquatic crustaceans

7-11 August 2011, Halifax, Canada
Congress on Invertebrate Pathology & Microbial Control & Annual Meeting of the Society for Invertebrate Pathology

14-17 August 2011,  Trondheim, Norway
International Aquaculture Biosecurity Conference & Workshop
“Advances in Practical Approaches to Disease Prevention, Control and Eradication”

 12-16 September 2011, Split, Croatia
European Association of Fish Pathologists

26-30 September 2011, Viña del Mar, Chile
International Symposium of Fish Parasites

18-21October 2011, Rhodes, Greece
Aquaculture Europe 2011

21-25 November 2011, Mangalore, India
8th Syposium on Diseases in Asian Aquaculture


Current Awareness

Ghent University is coordinator of the ASEM Aquaculture Platform and also the Aqua-tnet project which promotes cooperation in the teaching of aquaculture and aquatic resources management within the European Union and Associated States. As part of these projects it produces a regular listing of academic journal contents - BibMail ( This is supplemented with a listing of other " Information of Interest " noting other new publications, news items or relevant web links -  (

Filestore Update

The latest additions to the Project File Store  include a downloadable leaflet about the project for distribution at events or within organisations, and copies of the Quarterly Aquatic Animal Disease Reports for the Asia Pacific Region.   

Latest Links

Recent links added to the ASEM Aquaculture Health website include:

EAVLD - The European Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians -

VetBact - Site providing information about bacteria of importance to veterinary medicine -

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